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Welcome to our northland world of "learning without limit": no age limit, no depth limit, no topic limit.

People join Unlimited Learning for the learning opportunities and stay for the friendships and relationships they make. UL hopes to provide provocative learning opportunities, create feeling of vitality and great social connections.  We seek to provide for social opportunities to learn while having fun.

If you have an interest in a topic you would like to see presented, contact us.

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Great Decisions

Did you know that Active Aging Week is Sept. 24-30?

Active Aging Week was initiated by the International Council of Active Aging to celebrate aging and to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on a national scale.

Organizations provide single or multiple activities, for free to older adults, to share the positive messages of Active Aging Week and showcase their age-friendly wellness programs. The campaign’s overriding goal is to give as many older adults as possible the means to experience wellness activities and exercise in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere.

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 “The Great Debate” 

Each fall since 2005, Lakes Area Unlimited Learning has sponsored a moderated discussion of a political and philosophical nature at Rutters Bay Lake. 

This 12th year will focus on a study of the birth of Progressivism and Conservatism. The primary emphasis will be directed toward the reading and discussion of ” The Great Debate” by Yuval Levin, studying the thinking that gave birth to the “Left” and “Right” through the ideas of Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine

Participants will receive a reading list prior to the day of discussion. The event  moderated by Merritt Marquardt will begin the afternoon of October 16th with overnight stay, through the 17th.

Registration has ended. Please join us next year.


Tuesday, October 10, 1:30-2:30 P.M.
Wild and Free Rehabilitation Program

The Wild & Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Program is a non-profit organization that rescues injured and orphaned wild animals, treats them and attempts to release them back into the wild. It is run by a very dedicated group of volunteers who donate their time and money to help all the animals they receive. Approximately 500 animals are treated per year ranging from small songbirds to hawks, owls and
eagles, small bunnies, fawns, fox, coyote, bears. Wild and Free is the only facility in the state of Minnesota licensed by the Minnesota DNR and the Fish & Wildlife Service to take in and treat bears? Bob and Char Wrobel will be presenting pictures and stories.

Western Political Philosophy: The Great Debate
Monday & Tuesday, Oct.16 and 17th overnight at Ruttgers, Bay Lake

In the decade before adoption of the US Constitution in 1789, an ongoing debate took place between Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine, two philosophers and political theorists of the Age of Enlightenment. Their thought will form the basis of our study for our annual conference at Ruttger’s this as we focus on how both a conservative philosophy and a liberal-progressive theory came into being. Those
differing views govern our political debate to this day and will give historians an analytical tool for better understanding the Election 2016.

This Ruttger’s Conference of 2017 will search for further insight into these issues. For over 10 years Merritt Marquardt has led discussions of issues in Western philosophy. He will suggest reading material in advance of the seminar.

Meals and overnight stay included in fee. RSVP by September 15. Contact Margaret Lunacek for cost and details, 218.678.2926 .

Great Decisions: #7 Monday, October 16, 11:00 A.M. -1:30 P.M.
              Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan


Tuesday, November 14, 1:30-3:30 P.M
Central Lakes College: Assessing the Future of CLC

Hara Charlier joined Central Lakes College July 2016 as the new president. She has a science background and most recently worked for Virginia Highlands Community College, Va. She has experience as instructor, dean and interim vice president at several rural community colleges in Virginia and Ohio. She will discuss her vision for meeting the needs of CLC’s future through collaboration with faculty, staff,
students and key community partnerships.

Great Decisions: #8 Monday, November 20, 11:00 A.M-1: 30 P.M.              Challenges of Nuclear Weapons


Year-End Party
December 1, 4:00-6:30 P.M.

Mark your calendar for the third year-end party. The venue, food and
entertainment to be determined. Stay tuned.

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Mission: To provide quality and broad-based learning opportunities for the Lakes Area residents with emphasis on mature adults.